December 11, 2008
Issues - Immigration


Legal immigrants have made many positive contributions to our nation in terms of economic growth and cultural heritage.  However, while we have benefited greatly from legal immigration, illegal immigration continues to put us all at risk.  Gaining control over our borders means protecting the American dream for all our citizens and legal immigrants.  There is a very real threat – not just posed by illegal aliens and drug smugglers, but by terrorists who target our very freedom.  Safe communities begin with secure borders.
Once we have secured our borders, we must turn our attention to the more than 12 million illegal immigrants already residing here.  I do not support amnesty for those individuals who have broken our laws and will work to deport those individuals who have become a financial and social burden on our society. I believe that we must establish an Employer Verification System that is easy to use and provides timely feedback to employers. Any employer that continues to knowingly employ illegal aliens should be assessed heavy fines and penalties.

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