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NRO: Q&A With DeMint on Auto Bailout
12/11/2008 - 05:23:42 PM
National Review has posted a recent interview with Sen. DeMint on the auto bailout in which he lays out the reasoning for the growing GOP opposition to getting it passed.

The House passed a $14-billion, stopgap bailout of the automotive industry on Wednesday night. But in the Senate, Republicans have the votes to prevent it. And despite urging from the exiting Bush administration, they appear poised to do so.

This is big. Normally, lame-duck congresses concern themselves with far less consequential matters. The addition of seven or eight more Democrats in the next Congress may come weeks too late to prevent the bankruptcy (or, in the worst case, failure) of General Motors.

In the hours leading up to the critical votes, NRO spoke with Sen. Jim DeMint (R., S.C.), a staunch opponent of the bailout.

Click here to get read NRO's questions and DeMint's answers.
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