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  About This Site
Welcome to Kids in the House - an interactive center to help kids learn about the United States House of Representatives, the Office of the Clerk, and their roles in lawmaking. You will notice that within this site the terms "House" and "U.S. House of Representatives" are used interchangeably. 

What's Inside?

Kids in the House was created with Center for Civic Education curriculum standards in mind and input from educators in various subject areas. Source materials for the site are available on the Government Printing Office website for Miscellaneous Publications of the U.S. House of Representatives. Plug-in dependent and simple HTML games provide users with a more enjoyable learning experience. Please see our technical guide for instructions. If you have a question or comment about Kids in the House, please visit our frequently asked question page or e-mail us at clerkwebinfo@mail.house.gov.

Key terms that are used in each section appear as links on the left side navigation menu on every page. Click on the word, and a pop-up window will display the definition of the word as it is used in that section of Kids in the House. To view the entire list of glossary terms, simply follow the "Full Glossary" link that appears at the end of the list of key terms. You may also navigate to the glossary by choosing the "glossary" link from the menu in the Learning Center section of Kids in the House.

Getting Around

The simple navigation structure of Kids in the House lets you explore the site without getting lost. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

  • To return to our home page, click on the Kids in the House logo, which you'll see in the top left corner of every page.

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What is the oldest surviving relic of the House? Take a field trip to the House Chamber to find out!

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Test your knowledge of House Artifacts!

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Use the glossary to learn key terms.

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