December 11, 2008
Constituent Services - Tour Requests

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Capitol Tours

Monday - Friday

*Groups of 50 or more will have a tour arranged for them through the Capitol Guide Service.

(Please check all that apply)
9:00 AM
12:00 PM
3:00 PM

Library of Congress Tours

Monday - Friday

*2 weeks advance notice may be required.

(Please check all that apply)
8:30 AM
1:45 PM

Bureau of Printing and Engraving Tours

Monday - Friday

*1-2 months advance notice required.

(Please check all that apply)
8:15 AM
8:45 AM
4:00 PM
4:30 PM
4:45 PM

White House Tours

Tuesday - Saturday morning only

*6 months advance notice needed. Please note due to the high volume of requests, the White House is often full several months in advance.

*Tour times are selected by the White House.

*The White House performs mandatory background checks on every person touring regardless of current occupation or security clearance. Security information includes: full names, date of birth and social security numbers. Please have this information readily available when submitting your White House tour request.

Tour times are selected by the White House. You will be notified of your time after you complete your Tour Security Information form below and send it in to our office.

Supreme Court

Monday - Friday

*1 month adanced notice required.
*Groups must be four people or less.

(Please check all that apply)
2:00 PM

National Archives

Monday - Friday

*1 month advanced notice required.

(Please check all that apply)
10:15 AM
1:15 PM

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