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Education must be a top priority for our nation. To give our public schools the support they deserve, we must address problems such as a lack of adequate funding, understaffed schools, and increased federal mandates that rely too heavily on high-stakes standardized testing. Schools should be focused on providing solid academics and developing well-rounded students. I have long supported efforts to provide adequate funding for education programs, including Title I, professional development for teachers, special education/IDEA grants, and after-school programs to ensure that all our youth, regardless of background, have every opportunity to succeed in academics, athletics, and the arts.

In addition, it is important that we help students to pursue a higher education. I continue to work to provide funding to underprivileged students and to increase the maximum Pell Grant award. Students who have worked hard in their studies deserve access to the best possible education and a full range of higher education opportunities. No student should be held back from pursuing higher education goals due to financial restraints.

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Student Testing
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
Teacher Quality
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