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I, along with all Americans, thank our brave military personnel and their courageous families for the sacrifices they make in giving their invaluable service to our country. My gratitude to those stationed here at home and around the world is deeply felt.

With the ongoing fight against terrorism and continuing operations in Iraq, our military personnel and their families face a difficult future. I want to be sure that the families of our brave men and women in uniform are taken care of while their loved ones are sent to different parts of the world, so I have worked hard and written letters to make sure that our military personnel and their families have access to the services they need.

I also pledge my support to our courageous service people after they return home from their service to their country. I will continue to be vigilant on behalf of our nation's veterans, ensuring that their post-war health care needs are taken seriously and that they are treated with respect upon their return home.

Military personnel and their families who are in need of assistance during this very difficult time may refer to the links below. My staff is also available to work on individual casework for military personnel or their families and to assist with problems or concerns. Please contact me if we may be of service.

Resources for Military Families
Wisconsin's Troop Deployments