Feingold's E4 Initiative

The E4 Initiative: Economy • Employment • Energy • Education

Wisconsin is at a critical juncture. The changing economy, flawed trade agreements, rising health care costs and rising energy prices have put communities and businesses across the state in a difficult position. But Wisconsin’s unique strengths and resources are a great cause for optimism. Wisconsin businesses have the potential to lead the way - nationally and globally - in addressing emerging challenges. That is why Senator Feingold is pushing his E4 Initiative - dubbed E4 because of its focus on Economy, Employment, Education, and Energy. Over the coming weeks and months, Senator Feingold will take a multi-faceted approach to harnessing Wisconsin’s strengths in order to create jobs and enhance economic development. Feingold will focus on four key areas: boosting small business innovation, supporting job growth in the emerging energy sector, strengthening workforce development, and building new education partnerships among our communities, high schools and businesses.

  • Boosting Small Business Innovation – Congress can do more to support small business innovation. For example, Wisconsin small businesses focusing on water technologies are in prime position to help the region, country and planet address the grave problem of a lack of clean water. Feingold is proposing to increase federal funding for small business innovation research and technology transfer programs, and to prioritize work in energy, water, transportation and domestic security – top national priorities where Wisconsin has a strategic advantage.

  • Supporting Job Growth in the Emerging Energy Sector – With skyrocketing energy prices, we should be prospecting for energy saving technologies. Businesses, schools, and builders of all kind are looking for ways to make buildings more energy efficient, conserve energy, and expand renewables, creating a huge demand in the emerging energy sector for jobs – jobs that are far more likely to stay right here in America. Feingold will continue working to advance Green Jobs efforts and energy efficiency programs.

  • Workforce Development – We must help Wisconsin’s strong and able workforce find jobs in existing and emerging areas of the economy, and help businesses locate these qualified workers. Feingold’s initiative will seek to expand awareness of and access to existing skills standards so more people are prepared and certified to work in emerging fields. The initiative will also strengthen transportation opportunities to help connect these workers to the businesses that need them.

  • Building New Education Partnerships – With a number of our cities confronting staggering high school dropout rates we should find ways to better engage teenagers in learning. One way is to get them interested in new and exciting career paths in emerging industries and give them opportunities to explore those paths, whether they are going onto college or directly into the workforce. Feingold’s initiative focuses on helping schools, businesses, and others collaborate on improved ways to teach our students skills that they can use in our region’s emerging industries.


U.S. Senator Russ Feingold - http://feingold.senate.gov