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2008 Online Ethics Training

Note: All employees must have completed their training by December 31, 2008. 

The following are ways staff may fulfill their yearly ethics training requirement:

a.       New Employees – ALL new employees must attend training within the first 60 days of House employment.  DC staff must attend a new employee training session in person, while new district staff may watch the online training for new district staff.

b.      Existing employees (including existing senior staff)All existing employees, DC and district, may either attend a live topical training on Gifts & Travel, Campaign Activity or Leaving House Employment, you may also watch one of the videos online on either Gifts & Travel or Campaign Activity, or you may now take the new online quiz on Gifts & Travel. 

c.       New Senior Staff Any new senior staff, DC and district, must take the senior staff training either online or in person in addition to either the new employee training or a training for existing employees.  New senior staff are any person who is hired on at the senior staff rate ($114,468 for 2008) or any person who has been given a raise since last year up to that rate of pay.  Any senior staffer who took the 2nd hour of training last year, will not need to do so this year.

After completion of any online training, please fill out the certification form found on our website and send it to the Committee immediately.  DO NOT wait until the end of the year to send in all the online training certifications.  Also, please make sure to keep copies for your own office records.

 For more detailed guidance, you may refer to the Committee's memorandum on the Annual Ethics Training Requirement for 2008.

To watch the ethics training video or take the online quiz, click here for the link to HouseNet. 

Forms to Certify Ethics Training

New District Staff Ethics Training Certification

New Senior Staff Ethics Training Certification

Existing Staff 2008 Ethics Training Video Certification Form

Once completed, fax all forms to the Standards Committee at (202) 225-7392.

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