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There simply aren’t words to properly thank our veterans for their service to the state of Kansas and to our nation. Their commitment, courage and sacrifice have indeed made this the land of the free. It was positively shameful how seriously under-funded the previous Congresses and the President had left our veterans. In my first two years, I have voted to add almost $18 billion more in veterans funding. Compare that to $16 billion over the last 12 years! Much of the funding is directed specifically to health care needs which have been underfunded in the past.

We should not have to supplement funding for the VA through emergency appropriations – there should be mandatory funding for the VA so it can meet the needs of our American heroes.

I will continue to fight to honor the commitment that our veterans have made to our county. It is not enough to support our troops when they are stationed overseas – we must also support them when they return home. Our nation’s veterans must have access to education and job opportunities and access to high-quality health care. I support programs that provide work training opportunities and employment opportunities to help veterans find jobs. This is one of the reasons why I have a soldier from Fort Riley’s Warrior Transition Battalion working with my Veterans Affairs Team in my District Office. The Warrior Transition Battalion established the Warrior Internship Network to provide opportunities to wounded soldiers to explore different career options while healing and transitioning from active duty service.

I also support updates to the Montgomery GI Bill. The GI Bill used to cover 100% of the costs for college, today it only covers about 60%. Further, it provides less for veterans who served in the National Guard and Reserves than active duty service members. This is unacceptable. We must work to fix these inequities and to make sure that the realities of the GI Bill live up to its promise.

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