Order a United States Flag

The main purpose of the e-Flag Calculator is to reduce the number of refund checks that will be sent to constituents who order flags based on information from Member's Web sites. Currently, most "forms" on Member Web sites are static files that do not automatically calculate the amount due, or they are forms that do not get their pricing information from the House Supply Service. Constituents sometimes manually add up prices on a sheet of paper, write a check for that amount, and mail both pieces of information to Member offices. The process developed automatically calculates amount due, and may optionally include a shipping fee based on the weight of the flags being mailed, and the zip code for where the flags will be mailed.

View an example of the e-Flag Calculator on a Web page.

The Member Web sites generally have a section for constituent services. One of the services available is flag ordering. This section will briefly describe the process a constituent will go through to order a flag.

First, there must be a link from a constituent services page to a page dedicated to ordering a flag. The first page describes the process and rules the constituent will follow to order a flag. Below the description is the first set of information a constituent will fill out. This information should consist of the purchaser name, address, and phone number, and the name, address, and phone number of the person to whom the flag is to be sent.

There is one major option for the e-Flag Calculator, and that is the ability to filter requests based on whether at least one of the zip codes entered is in the Representative’s district. If that option is chosen, then the first page will need no other information to be filled in, since the next step will be to verify that the zip code(s) entered are valid.

If the option for zip code filtering is not chosen, the second page that appears is combined with the first page. That information consists of a table of flags that are available to order, and the information that will appear on the certificate. Once the number of flags to order is selected and the certificate information is input, the constituent will click the “Calculate Prices” button, and the third and final form will be displayed.

The third form is the order form that will be printed and mailed with a check to the Member’s office. This form displays the flags that the constituent wishes to purchase, along with their price. The shipping cost is also displayed, along with the total amount due. The form should indicate who to make the check payable to, and where to send the check. In addition, for multiple certificates, there is a link that appears showing what information is necessary for each certificate. This link will not appear if there are not multiple flags ordered that will be flown over the Capitol building.

If you would like more information on U.S. Flags -- please contact my office.