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Casework Corner - Nancy's Office Helps Resolve Immigration Issue

Amid all the talk about illegal immigration, it can be easy to forget that this country was populated by immigrants, and that we still have a vibrant and diverse community of legal immigrants that come to the United States looking for opportunity. Just as with any other large federal agency, the United States Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) sometimes loses track of an application, creating difficulties for the individuals who are waiting, sometimes for months.

That was the case for Mr. Koushik Adhikari. He had applied for permanent residency in the United States, and indeed had even been approved, but was waiting for the documentation to arrive. For over a year and a half, Mr. Adhikari was a legal resident, but had no way to prove his status since he had not yet received his permanent residency card.

Mr. Adhikari contacted our office and forwarded us copies of all of his documentation. By reviewing his application materials we were able to identify which USCIS office was responsible for issuing his card. It turned out the application materials had never been forwarded to the proper office for card issuance, and that was responsible for the delay.

As a result of our inquiry, the documents were located and quickly sent on to the correct office. The USCIS staffer that we spoke with gave us his assurance that the card would be completed and sent out in just a couple of weeks. He also said that if for any reason, Mr. Adhikari didn’t receive it in the mail in that time, that we could call him back and he would resolve the issue right away.

Fortunately, the card arrived in Mr. Adhikari’s mailbox in just over a week. He called and thanked us for helping track down his application and getting his card processed.

If you are having trouble with the USCIS office, or any other Federal agency, please remember that you can contact your Member of Congress for assistance.