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Reps. Boyda and Poe Request Criminal Investigation into Economic Crisis


WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Nancy Boyda (Democrat - Kansas Second District) and Congressman Ted Poe (Republican - Texas Second District) led a bipartisan request to Attorney General Michael Mukasey to conduct an appropriate and thorough investigation into any and all financial institutions, corporations, and individuals that are suspect of criminal action relating to our current economic crisis.

The letter conveys concerns being expressed across the country from constituents about their retirement accounts, their savings, and how they can afford to send their kids to college. Since these taxpayers are forced to take a stake in the financial institutions that our government has chosen to assist, they have valid questions, and they deserve honest answers.

In addition, the letter requests that the Attorney General’s office periodically notify the committees of jurisdiction in Congress with the results of the investigation; and seek cooperation from financial crime units in other federal agencies – specifically requesting for the FBI to focus the appropriate funding and manpower to investigate financial crimes.

“As a former judge and prosecutor for over 30 years, I believe the law applies to everyone, even elite white collar criminals in New York City,” said Congressman Poe. “The American taxpayer has been forced to pay for the mistakes of Wall Street and they have every right to expect that those responsible are held accountable. I encourage Attorney General Mukasey to act swiftly with an investigation and if there is evidence of wrong doing on the part of any financial institution or individual, I expect them to be prosecuted.”

“I have heard from countless constituents frustrated over our nation’s current economic crisis,” said Congresswoman Boyda. “They are upset that they must carry the burden of failing financial institutions and want to know why the government is not demanding transparency and accountability from the parties involved. I agree. Taxpayers deserve to know the truth. There needs to be a thorough investigation into the financial institutions, corporations, and individuals suspected of criminal acts contributing to this economic crisis. Any criminal activity should be brought to light and any perpetrators should face the consequences for violating the laws of our land.”

“Our obligation on behalf of the American taxpayer is to be certain that every person who contributed to any illegal action that led to the financial breakdown our country is faced with today is held accountable and responsible,” said U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (Republican – Missouri Eighth District). “I hope the Attorney General shares this view, because stern enforcement of the law in this matter is key to assuring that it does not happen again.”