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Congressman Paul Hodes Supports Auto Loan Plan

Congressman Paul Hodes released the following statement after voting for the $14 billion auto loan program. “If the Big Three auto companies fail, millions of American jobs would be lost and it would send ripple effects throughout our economy. In New Hampshire, we could lose up to 12,000 jobs if these companies were thrown into bankruptcy.


Congressman Paul Hodes Calls for Treasury to Fully Staff TARP

Today, Congressman Paul Hodes, a member of the House Financial Services Committee, along with 21 other Representatives, sent a letter to Treasury Sec. Henry Paulson in response to the Dec. 2, 2008 GAO report highlighting significant problems with the implementation for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).


Congressman Paul Hodes Embarks with the USS New Hampshire

Congressman Paul Hodes was joined on board the USS New Hampshire by Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter and Congressman Robert Wittman (R-VA) today. The USS New Hampshire embarked from Port Canaveral, Florida with the lawmakers at 8:30 this morning and arrived back at 5 pm this evening.
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