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December 5, 2008

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November E-Newsletter: Highlights from the past month in Washington and around the 7th District

Following his work to help pass the economic rescue bill last month, Congressman Sestak remained focused on his constituents’ concerns about the economy. The Congressman urged the Attorney General to ensure a thorough investigation of those responsible for the fiscal crisis on Wall Street that has severely impacted his constituents, and wrote to Secretary Paulson and Speaker Pelosi to call for the Department of Treasury and Congressional leadership to take necessary steps to stabilize the economy.. Furthermore, he took part in a program that he initiated in partnership with Boeing to help local businesses win contracts, and met with leaders in local transportation about investments that can best stimulate the economy. In addition, Congressman Sestak continued to assume a lead role in the effort to halt the FAA’s harmful and flawed policies and commemorated Veterans Day with a full weekend of events recognizing local men and women who served our country.
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Issuing of Stimulus Checks Begins

The Treasury Department recently began issuing stimulus checks to more than 130 million Americans. It is anticipated that the checks will be issued over a period of months through the spring and early summer with the initial round of payments completed by early July. For tax returns processed by April 15, the stimulus checks will be sent out in the order of the last two digits of the Social Security number used on the tax return. Those who filed their tax forms electronically will receive their rebates sooner than those who filed a paper return. A schedule of payment dates based on Social Security numbers can be found on at No checks will be issued after December 31, 2008.

The IRS has an economic stimulus calculator on its website for taxpayers to use to calculate the amount of their stimulus check. Generally, the bipartisan Economic Stimulus Package provides rebate checks of up to $600 per individual and $1,200 per married couple, plus an additional $300 per child.

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Congressman Sestak has received word from the IRS that nearly 5.2 million disabled Veterans and retirees in America and more than 10,000 in his 7th Congressional District who qualify for Economic Stimulus Payment have not filed to claim it. A special stimulus category includes recipients of certain benefits from Social Security and Veterans Affairs who are not normally required to file a tax return. Those in that group must file a tax return this year by October 15th to receive their stimulus payment of up to $600 per individual or up to $1200 for married couples filing jointly.

Those who have not yet filed a tax return and wish to receive the economic stimulus payment must file a 1040A form, available at Those without internet access should contact the local IRS Office in Media at 1400 N. Providence Rd., Media, PA or (610)891-6002.




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Congressman Sestak discusses a potential economic stimulus package and action that needs to be taken regarding the auto industry.

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December 10, 2008
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December 8, 2008
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December 7, 2008

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