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December 11, 2008
Scalise Works to get Pension Relief for Seniors

Washington, DC -- Congressman Steve Scalise yesterday helped pass legislation to protect seniors’ pocketbooks. The pension relief bill (H.R. 7327) will give senior citizens the option to defer an otherwise mandatory withdrawal from their Individual Retirement Account (IRA) during tough economic times. » read more

December 10, 2008
Scalise Congratulates Imagination Movers

Washington, DC -- Congressman Steve Scalise today congratulated the Imagination Movers for being renewed for a second season by the Disney Channel. Scalise also points out the economic impact their television show has on the region. » read more

December 8, 2008
Congressman Scalise Congratulates Cao, Fleming

Washington, DC -- Congressman Scalise, who introduced Anh “Joseph” Cao on Saturday night before he gave his victory speech, made that following comments. » read more

December 5, 2008
Scalise: $1 Million for Jefferson Parish Head Start Projects

Washington, DC -- Congressman Steve Scalise today announced that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is awarding a $1 million grant to Jefferson Parish for Head Start projects. » read more

December 3, 2008
Scalise: More Than $17 Million for Louisiana Schools, Hospital, Parks and Communities

Washington, DC -- Congressman Steve Scalise announced today that the U. S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is awarding $16,804,035 in grants to Louisiana for six Hurricane Katrina recovery projects. » read more


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