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Declaring our Energy Independence and Strengthening our Economy

Today, we face not only a weakening U.S. dollar, but families are also being hit hard at the pump with record-breaking gas prices. The problem is real, and there is no quick or easy fix to our energy crisis. Congress must ratchet down the rhetoric and start working together to find solutions. We must work together to lead our nation in a new direction that ends our dependence on foreign oil, promotes domestic production and encourages investments in clean and renewable energy sources.


In Arizona, we have a real opportunity to brighten our future by investing in solar energy. Producing solar energy will not only decrease our dependence on foreign oil, but large-scale solar projects will also boost our local economy by creating good, high-paying jobs and encouraging development. I have faith that America's ingenuity can be an incredible asset to address our energy needs and reinvigorate our economy.


ARIZONA VOICES: Mitchell Backs Recharging State, U.S. Economies

REAL SOLUTIONS: Increasing Our Domestic Energy Production

MORE: Solar Energy: 'It's a win-win-win!'

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