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NEWS UPDATE December 11, 2008
Washington, DC -- Two senators whose states are battling for cleaner and more fuel efficient cars late yesterday urged Senate leadership to support making U.S. carmakers accept tougher emission standards, which would in effect yield cars that get more than 42 mpg by 2020. The Senate is expected to vote on an auto bailout package this week, which includes a similar provision in the latest draft circulated. Read More
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12.05.08 -  Senator Feinstein Denounces Bush Administration’s Weakening of Firearms Restrictions in National Parks
11.24.08 -  Senator Feinstein, Representatives Waxman, Schakowsky and DeGette Urge Consumer Product Safety Commission to Enforce Phthalate Ban
11.24.08 -  Senator Feinstein Urges the Federal Railroad Administration to Expedite Implementation of Collision Avoidance Systems; Requests Waiver for Metrolink
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At a California State Senate field hearing on last month’s deadly Metrolink collision held in Van Nuys, CA on October 8, 2008, Senator Feinstein discusses a new federal law she helped enact to improve rail safety.
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An unprecedented number of Californians have submitted ticket requests, already far exceeding the number of tickets we expect to have available for constituents. As a result, I regret to inform you that it is unlikely your request can be accommodated, however your request will be kept on file in the event that additional tickets become available. Read More
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