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Cong. Chabot speaks at a  press conference to introduce legislation
Congressman Chabot speaks at a press conference to introduce legislation in the House of Representatives

Major issues in Congress:

The War on Terrorism - After the horrific terrorist attacks on our country, President Bush called on Congress to pass new laws to combat terrorism abroad, increase domestic security, and protect American citizens.  Congress responded by passing the Patriot Act, Aviation and Transportation Security Act, the Homeland Security Act, and other measures to fight terrorism.  We must continue to strengthen our national security and remain vigilant in our efforts to keep Americans safe.

Improving the Economy -  I am working to continue efforts to improve the national economy, spur economic growth and create jobs.  I support tax cuts for working families and believe we need to put more money back in the pockets of taxpayers.  In 2001, Congress passed legislation which cut taxes for all taxpayers, increased the child tax deduction, increased the student loan interest deduction, increased the maximum IRA contribution, and eliminated the federal death tax.  In 2003, Congress again passed tax relief that accelerated the 2001 tax cuts and reduced taxes on dividend income.  Unfortunately, these cuts expire after ten years.  I believe this tax relief should be made permanent so hardworking Americans can receive the long-term benefits of these tax cuts.

Partial-Birth Abortion - As Chairman of the House Subcommittee on the Constitution, I authored legislation to ban the inhumane practice of partial-birth abortion.  President Bush signed the bill into law on November 5, 2003.  Unfortunately, the law continues to be challenged in the courts.  I strongly believe the bill passes constitutional challenge and will continue to support the Justice Department's efforts to defend this measure.

Social Security/Medicare - It is vital that Congress protect the Social Security and Medicare programs. These programs must be maintained for today's seniors and for future generations of Americans.  There are many proposals being discussed to strengthen the Social Security system.  As this process continues, I am interested in learning your views and working to improve retirement programs for all Americans.

These are just a few of the many issues before Congress.  For more information on these or other issues visit Thomas, the official site of the Library of Congress.  You can also read about current issues in the Press Release and Legislative Activity sections of this site. 

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