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Reps. Fossella, King and Smith call for discharge of FISA legislation...

The lawmakers said they were taking the rare step of coordinating a discharge petition restore a key tool in the war on...

Fossella applauds South Korean decision to reopen US Beef market...

Congressman Fossella said "This announcement marks an important day in trade relations between our countries...

Fossella says proposal in housing bill would fail to help NYC market...

Congressman Fossella declared that a key provision in the housing bill would shut out millions of Americans in high cost areas...







Economic Stimulus


The House and Senate recently passed an economic stimulus package meant to provide a shot in the arm to our slowing economy.  The highlights of this package are: 

  • Tax Rebates for Most Taxpayers

  • Business Tax Incentives 

  • Mortgage Relief

Learn the Details


3/11/08 - Protecting America

2/07/08 - Federal Rebate Checks

1/16/08 - Verrazano Bridge Improvements



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As a way to help struggling homeowners would  you support allowing people to withdraw up to $25,000, penalty and tax free (if repaid on time), from their Individual Retirement Accounts in order to refinance to a more affordable mortgage product?




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