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New Ways & Means Issues Site Launched

I firmly believe that we need to raise the level of public debate in this country on the economic and fiscal challenges that threaten to undermine our nation's future competitiveness. These issues, many of which come before the House Ways & Means Committee on which I serve, are too important to limit the discussion to hearings and Floor debate in Washington, D.C. I believe we must bring the debate from the hearing rooms on Capitol Hill to kitchen tables across America. In today’s world, the most convenient way for Americans to get the unfiltered information they want is through the internet. That’s why I have developed a new Ways & Means section on my website... More


Please visit my new Ways & Means site here.



Statement on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008

After a number taxpayer protections were included, I voted in favor of the Financial Rescue Package when it was presented to the House of Representatives.  I don't like the legislation, but I hated even more the economic crash that I am concerned would follow if Congress does not take action... More


House Majority Leadership Adjourns for August Recess without a Vote on Increasing American Energy Production

I believe Speaker Nancy Pelosi chose to ignore the will of the majority of Californians and the American people when she refused to hold a vote... More


Housing Bill - GSE Reform

Recently, the House of Representatives considered H.R. 3221, “the Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008”. The legislation links necessary Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) reforms with unnecessary and counterproductive provisions that put both the housing market and taxpayers at risk... More


Reliance on Foreign Oil Negatively Impacts U.S. Trade Deficit
If we really want to address the U.S. trade deficit we should be reducing our reliance on foreign oil... More


Foreclosure Prevention
If you are in jeopardy of losing your home, there are many resources available that may assist you... More



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Herger in the District

Prepare for the Digital TV transition on February 17, 2009

Rep. Herger serves diners during the Shasta County Older Adult Policy Council's "Celebrity Soup Kitchen"...  Read more