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Congressman Bob FilnerDear Neighbor,

It is an honor to represent you in our diverse community of California's 51st congressional district.  I wholeheartedly welcome you to your community forum, a place where you can share your thoughts with me.  I hope to hear about issues that are important to you--and your ideas for making our neighborhoods better places to live!

You can learn more about my thoughts on issues that concern you by visiting my "On the Issues" page.  If you need help cutting through federal red tape, please pay a visit to my casework page.  Are you a student?  You may also want to stop by my students page.  I am trying to provide a variety of services to constituents; my office is here to help you!

Bob Filner


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With the lessons of Hurricane Katrina and the Cedar fire of 2003 still on the minds of many Californians, I am inspired by what I have witnessed in the past few days.  Our community has come together as never before to help one another.  My deepest gratitude goes out to the firefighters, emergency responders, military personnel, and volunteers who are working diligently to protect the lives and property of friends and neighbors whose lives have been affected by this tragedy.  We have a difficult and challenging road ahead of us as we rebuild our homes and businesses--but I am confident in my fellow San Diegans and their ability to work together to put our community back together.  I am always eager to listen to your concerns and  am committed to assisting you in any way possible as you work to put your lives back on track. 

Below, I have a list of organizations and agencies, where you will find directions for anything from navigating the FEMA disaster assistance program to information on how you can help your friends and neighbors that have been affected by this tragedy.

Applying For FEMA Assistance

American Red Cross of San Diego/Imperial County

County of San DiegoDisaster Food Assistance Non-Emergency Assistance

Assistance for Farmers 

View Photos From My Recent Visit to Our Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan


*Bob Filner's Statement on Walter Reed Army Medical Center**

It is high time the Pentagon admits its mistake and takes action to improve outpatient care at Walter Reed.  The removal of the three top officials overseeing Walter Reed at the Pentagon is only the first step in accepting responsibility for the treatment of our wounded soldiers.

The events reported at Walter Reed were a break in faith with our troops. We must be able to rely on the chain of command in order to address the serious problems not only at Walter Reed, but at the military facilities across the country.

My concerns are focused on how we serve our troops when they turn from the Pentagon to the VA for their healthcare. In order for our troops to experience the seamless transition they deserve, the bureaucratic problems that prevent many from getting the care they need must be fixed.

I am committed to preventing similar situations to Walter Reed from striking the VA system. Clearly, we need an oversight and inspection system that is separate from the agency that is being overseen.”

Please visit the Veterans Affairs Committee website at

Task Force on Returning Global War on Terror Heroes

**Important News For Veterans**


The VA has announced that the FBI has recovered the laptop and the personal information of 26.5 million veterans that were stolen from a VA employee’s home on May 3, 2006.  The FBI also reported that none of the veterans’ data was copied. 

 While this is good news, as the Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I have worked with my colleagues on the Committee to pass a bill to prevent similar problems in the future and to “make whole” all veterans who might suffer from id theft.  For more information about this issue, please visit my Veterans Page .

Do you suspect gasoline price gouging? Please call 1-800-244-3301
In response to the recent increase in gasoline prices, the U.S. Department of Energy has released this phone number to report suspected cases of price gouging.

Earthquake Preparedness

I am offering my Guide to Getting Ready as a reminder that we all need to be prepared for a natural disaster. I hope you will use the tips it provides, and I encourage you to share it with your family and friends.

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Calculate what privatized Social Security will mean to you!

Medicare and Prescription Drugs
Families USA is a national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans.  Families USA tracks price increases in the top drugs prescribed for seniors.  Their recent report, “Sticker Shock: Rising Prescription Drug Prices for Seniors,” provides new data about recent drug price changes, and also provides a context for determining whether the new Medicare drug discounts will make prescription drugs more affordable than they have been in the past.  The Families USA Web site also has additional information on the new Medicare law.

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