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Congressman Platts in Afghanistan.
Congressman Platts recently participated in a bipartisan Congressional Delegation trip focusing on the military, diplomatic and humanitarian efforts of U.S. troops and civilian personnel. This photo was taken during a briefing in Afghanistan.
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Congress Returns to Debate Auto Bail-Out, Unemployment Benefits

During the month of November, Congress returned to session to debate whether taxpayers should provide an additional $25 billion in funds to the automobile industry. A $25 billion loan program already exists to help automobile companies develop more fuel-efficient vehicles.… »more


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Statement on Congressman Todd Platts' Vote Against a $700 Billion Bail-Out of Wall Street

(10/3/2008) Today the House of Representatives voted to approve legislation authorizing Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to purchase up to $700 billion in troubled Wall Street investments with taxpayer funds.  I voted against this legislation, just as I voted against the previous version defeated in the House only days ago. 

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"All-of-the-Above" Energy Policy Needed

() Just over one month ago, citizens throughout our great country celebrated the 232nd anniversary of our nation’s birth on the 4th of July – Independence Day. Yet, as citizens gathered together at family picnics, attended patriotic concerts, and took in dazzling fireworks, skyrocketing energy prices – especially at the  Read full article»»

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Platts Urges Participation in the Economic Stimulus Program (10/9/2008)

Congressman Platts Continues Push for a Comprehensive National Energy Policy (8/27/2008)

Platts Continues Efforts to Provide Tax Relief for Volunteer Service (8/7/2008)

Markey, Platts Work to Build Upon Progress Made on Fuel Efficiency Standards and Reduce Dependency on Foreign Oil (7/29/2008)


Statement on Congressman Todd Platts' Vote Against a $700 Billion Bail-Out of Wall Street (10/3/2008)

Statement on the Defeat of Legislation Authorizing a $700 Billion Bail-out of Wall Street (9/29/2008)

Congress in Weekend Session to Address Financial Crisis (9/27/2008)

Reaction to the Supreme Court's Decision Regarding the Second Amendment (6/27/2008)

Statement on the Supreme Court's Decision Regarding Guantanamo Bay Detainees (6/12/2008)

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