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November 24, 2008: The Bailout Surge
This week the bailout of the Big Three automakers was under heavy consideration in Congress’s lame duck session.  I have always opposed government bailouts of private organizations.  Back in 1979 Congress had hearings about bailing out Chrysler and I was on record pointing out that these types of policies are foolish and very damaging to the long term economic health of our country.  They still are. There was also renewed pressure this week to bailout homeowners and send another round of stimulus checks to “Main Street” to balance out all the handouts to big business.  It seems that eventually …

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Speeches and Statements

November 20, 2008  The Austrians Were Right
Madame Speaker, many Americans are hoping the new administration will solve the economic problems we face.  That’s not likely to happen, because the economic advisors to the new President have no more understanding of how to get us out of this mess than previous administrations and Congresses understood how the crisis was brought about in the first place.

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Press Releases

October 7, 2008  Congressman Paul Calls for Congressional Page Applicants
Congressman Ron Paul is pleased to announce that he will be able to appoint a Congressional page this year. 

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