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  • McHenry: Energy Crisis Must Be Attacked At The Source

    Jun 8, 2008  - A recent Hickory Daily Record editorial echoes a common refrain among some Washington politicians.  Their thesis is this, “…drilling assuredly will lower expectations for alternative energy sources…” What they really mean is, “skyrocketing gas prices are a good thing because they force peopl... More
  • Avenues Of Relief For People Facing Foreclosure

    Jan 14, 2008  - The downturn in the housing sector is very different from the Wall Street slumps we’ve previously seen. When automakers or Internet companies perform poorly, the effect is often limited. When the housing sector goes downhill, the effect is widespread and painful. When the housing sector slips, it... More
  • Celebrating Constitution Day

    Sep 17, 2007  - Two hundred twenty years ago today, 55 delegates assembled in Philadelphia to, "form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity." After lengthy... More
  • McHenry: "Fighting To Change The Way Washington Works"

    Sep 6, 2007  - I want to extend a sincere thank you to the nearly 700 people who attended the town hall meetings I held all across the Tenth District in August.The right of the people to openly and freely question their leaders and discuss solutions to common problems is the reason our democracy works so well.&nbs... More
  • Ghosts of 1995 Loom Large in Washington Today

    Jul 24, 2007  - In 1995, a newly anointed Congressional majority seeking to assert its power through the federal spending process had a head-on collision with a president in desperate search for political relevance after a crushing electoral defeat. The outcome: a government shutdown. Twelve years later, the pa... More
  • Why I Will Vote Against Using Tax Dollars For Embryonic Stem Cell Research

    Jan 11, 2007  - Complex moral and political dilemmas are often best understood through simple allegory. For example, Aesop’s Fables, Plato’s cave, and numerous New Testament parables explain to us what is right and what is just when even the most sophisticated analysis falls short. It is to these examples, and many... More
  • Commemorating the Fifth Anniversary of September 11th

    Sep 11, 2006  - As Manhattan’s skyline fell down, Americans stood up. We took to our feet and raised the flag, pledging solidarity to our nation, our values – and most importantly, our fellow Americans. We were outraged, bereaved, shaken – unified. On that day, we confirmed what we had long suspected: being an Amer... More
  • No Amnesty for Lawbreakers

    May 18, 2006  - It is often said that "America is a nation of immigrants." While I agree with this, there is another important point that must not be ignored: America is a nation of laws. These two realities are on a collision course this week as the U.S. Senate debates measures to reform our broken immigration sys... More
  • 10th Anniversary of Concealed Carry Law Opinion Editorial

    Dec 1, 2005  - North Carolinians today are marking the 10th anniversary of our state’s concealed carry law, which allows permit holders to carry a concealed handgun. This landmark legislation shows our commitment to preserving our Constitutional freedoms and protecting law-abiding citizens. North Carolina’s concea... More
  • Congressman McHenry on the Tragedy of Abortion

    Jul 26, 2005  - The United States has always been a compassionate nation that cherishes innocent human life at all stages of development, from conception to natural death. Tragically, judicial activists on the Supreme Court manufactured an interpretation of the Constitution allowing abortion in the 1973 case of Roe... More
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