U.S. House of Representatives, The Office of the Historian
The Great Seal of the United States of America
Office of the Historian
U.S. House of Representatives
B-56 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-226-5525
Facsimile: 202-226-2931
Email: historian@mail.house.gov
Question of the Week Archives

November 14, 2008

Madeline asks, “Dear Historians.  I know that former President John F. Kennedy was a Senator, but was he also a Member of the US House of Representatives?  If so what years did he serve and where was his office located?”

November 3, 2008

Steven asks, “Dear Historians. We located an old trunk that is labeled House of Representatives on it.  Did Members or staff ever use these devices in House History?  Thanks!”

October 20, 2008

Ted of Colorado, asks, “Fellow Historians, does the Speaker of the House need to be a member of the House? If not, has there ever been a Speaker who was not a Representative?”

October 6, 2008

Fred asks, “Fellow Historians. How is it that the bill which passed the Senate last night (Wednesday October 1, 2008) has tax provisions in it. Isn't this contrary to the constitutional requirement that all revenue bills originate in the House?