• Congressman Turner Touring the GM - Moraine Facility with his Father, Ray Turner, a 42 Year GM Employee.

What Action Should be Taken?

Do you support domestic drilling for oil to expand our country's energy resources?


  • Local Companies Will Thrive With Fairness in Trade

    10/10/2008 - Mike Turner Trade Fairness Helps Companies

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  • Rep. Turner's Statement for the Record on $700 Billion Bailout

    10/03/2008 - Bailout Mike Turner Column

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  • Turner Remains Opposed to $700 Billion Blank Check Bailout

    10/03/2008 - Mike Turner Remains Opposed to Bailout

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  • Congressman Turner's Statement for the Record Opposing the Bailout

    10/03/2008 -

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  • Turner Opposes $700 Billion Blank Check Bailout

    09/29/2008 - Mike Turner Opposes $700 Billion Bailout

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  • Ohio Representation in the U.S. Capitol

    09/26/2008 - Mike Turner Ohio Representation in the Capitol Column.

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U.S. Flags may be purchased through my office and flown over the Capitol building. If you would like to order a flag, please click on this link and fill out the attached order form.


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Washington, D.C.

Residents of Ohio’s Third Congressional District are encouraged to contact my offices if they are thinking of traveling to our Nation’s Capital. My staff and I can arrange tours for constituents.