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Message of the Week from Chairman Kyl

Countdown to a Taxed Internet
“The clock continues to tick, placing Internet tax freedom in real jeopardy.” –Senator John Sununu Countdown to a Taxed Internet If Democrats continue to hold up legislation that would keep the Internet tax free, the effects could be… • More than 58,136,577 Internet users caught in the tax crosshairs. • A potential tax increase of more than $3.41 billion a year. 1 • Thousands of small businesses could be hurt by a 20 percent or more tax increase. 2 • Millions of seniors, minorities, and working families unable to afford Internet access. 3 It’s time to act and keep the Internet tax free! Recent News Stories:,0,3773751.story?coll=la-opinion-leftrail 1First two bullets contain information from: McClure, David P., “Internet Access Taxes and Broadband Deployment in America,” U.S. Internet Industry Association, 9/25/07. 2Rasmussen, Kristina M., “Logging on to Americans’ Wallets: The Potential Costs of New Internet Access Taxes,” National Taxpayer Union Issue Brief #164, 9/27/07. 3“Don't tax Internet access,” Los Angeles Times, 10/9/07.


Latest Clips

  • 11.20.08

    Senator George Voinovich Remarks at Press Conference on Auto Compromise

    Senator(s): George Voinovich

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  • 11.20.08

    Senator Bob Corker Discusses U.S. Automaker Bailout on Senate Floor

    Senator(s): Bob Corker

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  • 11.19.08

    Senator David Vitter Floor Speech Against Auto Bailout

    Senator(s): David Vitter

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Main Street First
Main Street First
Main Street FirstWall street to main streetProtect TaxpayersDomino Effect 3Oct Supplemental PacketGetAway card Oct. 1stprotect taxpayers main street firstEmployee Exclusion 2ObamaMiddleClassRelief 2Employee Exclusion 1McCain MiddleClassRelief 2Tax PayingFamilies AMTHalf Middle Class.pdfOctober 2008 PacketSocial Security Benefits Subject to Income TaxTax Cuts and Tax Increases for Seniors under McCain and Obama Tax Plans (single filers)Tax Cuts and Tax Increases for Seniors under McCain and Obama Tax Plans (Married filing jointly)Oil&Gas Off LimitsDubious Claims PORKIncrease in Small Business Top Marginal Rates
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Latest Clips

  • 11.20.08

    Senator Crapo on Idaho’s teen dating violence prevention grantees

    Senator(s): Mike Crapo

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  • 11.20.08

    Senator Barrasso Senate Floor Speech on Medicare

    Senator(s): John Barrasso

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  • 11.20.08

    Senator Murkowski Honors Senator Stevens

    Senator(s): Lisa Murkowski

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Regional Info


  • 05.15.08

    More American Energy: Lowering Energy Prices to Help Balance the Family Budget

  • 05.13.08

    Alexander: Family Budgets Hit Hard by $3.73 a Gallon Gasoline; Time for Congress to Act

  • 05.12.08

    The Economic and National Security Implications of the U.S.-Colombia Trade Agreement


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