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House Republicans will increase the production of American-made energy in an environmentally-safe way. This includes the exploration of next generation oil, natural gas, and coal and the production of advanced alternative fuels like cellulosic and clean coal-to-liquids – all while protecting our natural resources for future generations.  House Republicans will also:
Support actions that reduce America’s dependence on energy from unstable foreign governments and dictatorships by increasing environmentally-safe production of oil and natural gas in areas such as the arctic coastal plain and in deep ocean energy resources; and
Promote unconventional fuels such as coal-to-liquids technology and recovering our vast oil shale reserves by:
Increasing access for environmentally responsible development of conventional and unconventional domestic oil and natural gas production;  
Providing coal-to-liquids financing and tax incentives;  

Unlocking two trillion barrels of shale oil on government-owned land in the American West.   This access alone would supply Americans gasoline needs and make America totally independent from foreign oil for 200 years.


House Republican Energy Solutions
Increase production
with American-made energy
Clean, reliable energy
using innovative technology
Increase supply
by cutting red tape
Encourage Efficiency
by offering tax incentives