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House Republicans will encourage greater energy efficiency by offering conservation tax incentives to Americans who make their home, car, and business more energy efficient.  House Republicans will also:
Support technologies to help increase energy efficiency in all sectors of the American economy, including removing bureaucratic regulatory barriers that prevent businesses from upgrading their facilities with newer, more efficient energy technologies, by:
Making home energy efficiency upgrades tax deductable;  
Providing incentives for home builders and homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient;  
Offering investment expensing for industrial and commercial building efficiency upgrades;  
Extending the residential and business solar and fuel cell investment tax credits, with enhancements to the residential solar credit ($2,000 per ½ kw installed);  
Extending the fiber-optic distributed sunlight investment tax credit; and  
Increasing the energy efficiency of government-owned buildings.  
House Republican Energy Solutions
Increase production
with American-made energy
Clean, reliable energy
using innovative technology
Increase supply
by cutting red tape
Encourage Efficiency
by offering tax incentives