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House Republicans will promote new, clean, and reliable sources of energy like advanced nuclear and next generation coal, while promoting clean power from renewable energy such as wind and hydroelectric power. Nuclear energy has proven itself as a safe, carbon-free and environmentally friendly alternative, with France relying on it for nearly 80 percent of its electricity needs, compared to just 19 percent in America. House Republicans will also:

  • Encourage more production of environmentally-safe energy to increase the use of our vast domestic supply, reduce emissions, and keep coal-dependent communities strong; and
  • Expand emissions-free nuclear power, including long term nuclear waste storage solutions and recycling spent fuel by:
    • Providing production and investment tax credits for all new base-load electricity projects such as advanced nuclear power and clean coal; and
    • Allowing immediate expensing for new renewable or zero emission power

More on Clean, Reliable Energy:


House Republican Energy Solutions
Increase production
with American-made energy
Clean, reliable energy
using innovative technology
Increase supply
by cutting red tape
Encourage Efficiency
by offering tax incentives