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House Republicans are committed to cutting red tape and increasing the supply of American-made fuel and energy. Limiting the construction of new oil refineries and bureaucratic regulations mandating the use of exotic fuels have decreased supply and increased the Pelosi Premium. House Republicans will also:

  • Expedite permitting for enhanced oil recovery projects, including CO2 delivery and injection, as well as permitting for new refining capacity;
  • Improve environmental review and permitting to encourage the deployment of technologies which increase the efficiency of existing power plants; and
  • End ill-advised policies that have led to the proliferation of unique gasoline and diesel fuel formulations known as “boutique fuels,” which have fragmented our motor fuels distribution system, choked off supply, and exacerbated the already-painful Pelosi Premium.

More on Increasing Supply:

House Republican Energy Solutions
Increase production
with American-made energy
Clean, reliable energy
using innovative technology
Increase supply
by cutting red tape
Encourage Efficiency
by offering tax incentives