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Are You a House Employee? Get Involved.

Green the Capitol Award Winner Marie Burns - May 9, 2008

The buzz is building. Lots of people have been asking us how they can get involved with the Green the Capitol Office. The good news is they, and you, can!

As we are fond of saying, we can't "go green" alone. And with the excitement we have seen around the work we are doing,  we won't have to!

Greening Your Office

Do you want to know how to green your office? Have you been wondering how to improve recycling, increase energy efficiency and engage in sustainable work habits? We can help! Sign up to receive our Eco-Tips on how to green your office and, of course, let us know how we can help.

Tips To Green Your Office (PDF) »

Green Team in the House!

The Green Team is a group of employee volunteers who want to do their part to make the House a more environmentally responsible work place. We are also a pretty fun bunch! By becoming a member, you will be part of a growing network of House employees who are ready to help us better recycling processes in your offices, join ride sharing programs and bike to work groups and educate coworkers on how they can go green right along with you. Oh, and have lots of fun doing it.

For More Info and to Get Involved

By filling out the below form you will:

  • Sign up to receive our Eco-Tips and Green Team emails
  • Be invited to volunteer events aimed at making the Capitol a greener place
  • Be invited to attend our "green" networking events
  • Be part of our quarterly Green Team speaker series
  • And help us honor the greenest among us at our yearly Expo

Together we can make the House a workplace we can feel (environmentally) good about. Join us, and do your part to help Green the Capitol.