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Six Months of Progress Report
Six Months of Progress

A Report from the Green the Capitol Office (PDF)

Six Months of Progress Checklist
Six Months of Progress Checklist

A Summary Report from the Green the Capitol Office (PDF)

Green the Capitol Overview video
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Welcome to the Green the Capitol Home Page

A Message from Dan Beard, Chief Administrative Officer

In March of 2007, we began a mission. A mission led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to make the U.S. House of Representatives a leCAO Dan Beardader in providing an environmentally responsible and healthy working environment for our employees and a showcase for sustainability.

Today, we are doing just that.

Our mission had its own unique challenges. Greening the nation's most historic buildings with their millions of square feet of infrastructure has been educational and often frustrating. Energy saving technologies like changing all the light bulbs is not "rocket science," but in the U.S. Capitol, where many of the lamps and chandeliers are antiques, it can be daunting. We are just beginning to find creative solutions to our energy problems.

To Green the Capitol is a long-term mission. It will require alliances and coalitions, both with other government agencies and with private-sector partners. Most of all it will require the commitment of all of our 10,000 employees.

I have asked my Green the Capitol staff to develop a partnership with all employees of the House. It is our hope that our Green the Capitol website will become a portal through which all House employees will be empowered to help House Leadership reach its goal: a workplace that enriches the environment and gives our children a bright future with a healthy planet.

We hope you will join us in this effort.