House Recycling Program

The House’s new food service vendor introduced a new recycling system that created a category called “compostable” to recycle food, cups, plates, napkins, utensils and carryout containers provided in the House eateries.

Now, we’re using their new, simpler process to collect waste not only from the House eateries, but also from offices that request special composting containers. The waste collected from the composting bin will be sent through the food pulper, a machine that crushes, shreds and squeezes the liquid out of compostable materials. The compostable waste only takes a few months to biodegrade and will help keep tons of trash out of landfills.

The paper recycling process has also been simplified. Paper won’t have to be separated by type. The new program will replace those bins with one bin for all paper, including highgrade paper, mixed paper and newsprint.

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