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One of the greatest joys that I have as a Member of Congress is working with students and teachers. The information provided on this page is intended to assist students, teachers, and parents in learning about the many facets of the United States, our government, and the State of Florida. I hope that you find the information to be helpful and informative.


  • Internships. I invite all college students to apply for a Congressional internship in my Washington and South Florida offices for spring, summer or fall terms. The term of the internship is flexible. However, it must be at least three months in length, and you must commit to no less than 20 hours per week. To find out more about an internship in my office or to apply, click here.
  • Government Sites for Kids. Many federal agencies, including the U.S. Congress, offer students, parents, and teachers unique and fun-filled websites designed to educate and stimulate. For a list of links to these websites, click here.
  • House Page Program. I encourage all high school juniors to consider and pursue becoming a page in the House of Representatives. Pages will have an unforgettable experience that will allow them to live, work, and study in Washington D.C. It is a great opportunity to gain work experience on Capitol Hill while receiving rigorous academic training.  To find out more, click here.
  • Internet Safety. As the number of children using the Internet increases everyday, it is essential that we do more to improve Internet safety. Cyberethics for Kids provides everything that kids need to know before they venture into cyberspace. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Kid's Page is designed to appeal to kids and their parents and promote responsible online security habits.
  • Today in History. To find out what happened today in American history, click here.
  • About Our Nation. The history of the United States is filled with exciting stories, battles, and debates. While the words of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution serve as our guidelines, the spirit of the American people brings these words to life. To read more about the laws, symbols, and celebrations of the United States, click here.
  • About Florida. As a 5th generation Floridian, I am proud to represent the people of the Sunshine State. Florida was admitted to the United States in 1845 and is currently the 4th most populous state in the country. The state is 447 miles long and 361 miles wide, with 1,197 miles of coastline and 663 miles of beaches. Florida's number one industry is tourism, and I encourage you and your family to come visit us soon. To learn more about the State of Florida, click here.
  • About the 23rd Congressional District of Florida. I am proud to represent the people of Florida's 23rd Congressional District. To learn more about the District which I represent, click here.