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United States Senate Committee on Rules and Administration
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Standing Rules of the Senate

View the September 14, 2007 edition of the Standing Rules of the Senate

October 3, 2007-- Dear Colleague Letter on changes enacted with S.1, the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007

September 24, 2007-- Congressional Research Service report: "Lobbying and Ethics Rules Changes in the 110th Congress"

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I - Appointment of a Senator to the Chair
II - Presentation of credentials and questions of privilege
III - Oaths
IV - Commencement of daily sessions
V - Suspension and amendment of the rules
VI - Quorum - absent Senators may be sent for
VII - Morning business
VIII - Order of business
IX - Messages
X - Special orders
XI - Papers - withdrawal, printing, reading of, and reference
XII - Voting procedure
XIII - Reconsideration
XIV - Bills, joint resolutions, resolutions, and preambles thereto
XV - Amendments and motions
XVI - Appropriations and amendments to general appropriation bills
XVII - Reference to committees; motions to discharge; reports of committees; and hearings available
XVIII - Business continued from session to session
XIX - Debate
XX - Questions of order
XXI - Session with closed doors
XXII - Precedence of motions
XXIII - Privilege of the floor
XXIV - Appointment of committees
XXV - Standing committees
XXVI - Committee procedure
XXVII - Committee staff
XXVIII - Conference committees; reports; open meetings
XXIX - Executive sessions
XXX - Executive session - proceedings on treaties
XXXI - Executive session - proceedings on nominations
XXXII - The President furnished with copies of records of executive sessions
XXXIII - Senate Chamber - Senate wing of the Capitol
XXXIV - Public financial disclosure
XXXV - Gifts
XXXVI - Outside earned income
XXXVII - Conflict of interest
XXXVIII - Prohibition of unofficial office accounts
XXXIX - Foreign travel
XL- Franking privilege and radio and television studios
XLI - Political fund activity; definitions
XLII - Employment practices
XLIII - Representation by Members
XLIV - Congressionally Directed Spending and Related Items
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