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Congressman McHenry honors Deputy Sheriff Adam Klutz
10/02/2008 Congressman Patrick McHenry honors the life and memory of Caldwell County Deputy Sheriff Adam Klutz.
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McHenry Calls for Increasing Supply of American Energy to Lower Gas Prices
08/11/2008 Congressman Patrick McHenry calls on Congress to remove legislative barriers to increasing the supply of American energy to help lower gas prices.
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Patrick McHenry on the Passing of Jesse Helms
07/15/2008 Congressman Patrick McHenry discusses the life and achievements of North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms
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Congressman McHenry Call For Bipartisan Solution To High Gas Prices
05/13/2008 McHenry: Congress Must Address Supply, Demand Relationship To Lower Prices
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Congressman McHenry Calls On Congress To Address Skyrocketing Prices At The Pump
04/23/2008 McHenry: My Constituents Are Struggling Under High Gas Prices
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Congressman McHenry Supports Border Security Bill
03/18/2008 McHenry: SAVE Act Deserves Up Or Down Vote
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Congressman McHenry Stands For Taxpayers, Middle Class
12/13/2007 McHenry: Congress Should Cut Spending, Not Raise Taxes To Pay For Middle Class Tax Relief
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Congressman McHenry Applauds Burke County, Overmountain Jamboree
10/03/2007 McHenry: The Hard Work of Arrick Gordon, Burke Alliance For Youth Demonstrates The Strength Of Western North Carolina
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Congressman McHenry Honors Lenoir Fire Department Chief Ken Briscoe
10/02/2007 McHenry: Chief Briscoe A Deserving Recipient Of North Carolina Fireman Of The Year Recognition
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Congressman McHenry Promotes US History Resolution
09/25/2007 McHenry: Those Who Forget History Are Doomed To Repeat It. And To Avoid That Fate We Should Repeat The Past Often - In Our Classrooms And Communities - To Promote A Better Future For America.
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