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► Article 9/8/2006

Contrite BP Bosses Admit Blame for Alaskan Oil Leaks 

The Guardian


► Article 9/7/2006

BP 'Fell Short' on Pipeline, Execs Admit



► Letter 9/4/2006

Help Rising Economy Lift Working Families

Chicago Sun-Times



► Article 8/13/2006

City Gets Busload of Big Box Bashers

Chicago Sun-Times



► Article 7/10/2006

Obama, Durbin Press Resurrection to Start Talks with Union




► Article 6/26/2006

Immigration Citizenship, Voter Registration Drives Set

Chicago Tribune


► Article 6/23/2006

Veep is Back in Town

Daily Herald


► Article 6/16/2006

Pro-Union Study Blasts Colombia

Atlanta Journal-Constitution


► Article 6/15/2006

Congress Debates War as Death Toll Rises

Chicago Tribune


► Article 6/9/2006

Schakowsky Asks Negroponte To Explain Waiver Shielding Corporations

Communications Daily


► Article 6/1/2006

Officers Make 'Top Cops' List

Pioneer Press



► Article 5/31/2006

Eliminating Penalty Isn't Enough

Hartford Courant, Op-Ed


► Article 5/24/2006

GOP to Put War Up For Debate

Chicago Tribune


► Article 5/24/2006

Schakowsky Demands Answers from AT&T

Chicago Sun-Times


► Article 5/24/2006

FCC Chief Says Won't Probe NSA Call Program



► Article 5/18/2006

In the Black(water)

The Nation


► Article 5/18/2006

Reaction Mixed to Plan Sending to Troops to Border

Pioneer Press


► Article 5/17/2006

9 of 10 Join Drug Plan, HHS Chief Says

Chicago Tribune


► Article 5/16/2006

Signup Down to the Wire for Part D Coverage

Daily Herald


► Article 5/12/2006

Bush Defends Phone Record Search

Chicago Sun-Times


► Article 5/11/2006

NSA Call-Tracking Program Sparks Alarm

Washington Post


► Article 5/8/2006

Murtha Urges Speedy Return of Iraq Troops

Daily Northwestern


► Article 5/4/2006

Chicago Rally Draws Evanstonians

Evanston Review


► Article 5/4/2006

Never Again...Again

Chicago Jewish News


► Article 5/4/2006

U.S. Must Increase Efforts to End Genocide in Sudan

Daily Southtown: Op-Ed


► Article 5/4/2006

Working to Wean U.S. Off of Foreign Oil

Chicago Tribune: Letter to the Editor


► Article 5/3/2006

Mineta Urges House Panel on Fuel Standards

The New York Times


► Article 5/2/2006

"Mission Impossible" in Iraq

The Hill: Congress Blog


► Article 5/2/2006

Phone-List Sellers: We Help Cops

Chicago Sun-Times



► Article 4/4/2006

Governor Encourages Seniors To Sign Up For Drug Coverage

WBBM Newsradio




► Article 3/17/2006

Reward Businesses That Keep Jobs in U.S.

Quad City Times


► Article 3/15/2006

So, We're Not Exactly Chile

Daily Herald


► Article 3/15/2006

Deadline Puts Medicare Part D in Spotlight

Daily Herald


► Article 3/8/2006

Cell Phone Pirates: House Panel Advances Measure to Safeguard Your Call Records

Chicago Sun- Times


► Article 3/6/2006

U.S. Needs to Use Its Full Influence to Save Lives in Darfur

Chicago Sun-Times


► Article 3/2/2006

Lawmakers Ask FAA to Explain Job Move

Daily Herald


► Article 3/2/2006

Car Damage Being Hidden From Buyers

Knight Ridder Newspapers





► Article 2/19/2006

Industries Get Quiet Protection From Lawsuits

Los Angeles Times


► Article 2/13/2006

Bureaucrats, Democrats Clash Over Drug Plan

Daily Herald


► Article 2/11/2006

Medicare Plan Feels New Heat

Chicago Tribune


► Article 2/2/2006

FCC Subpoenas 30 Phone Record Dealers: Will Look at How They Get Call Info From Companies

Chicago Sun-Times


► Article 2/1/2006

Illinois Lawmakers React To State of the Union Address

WBBM Newsradio




► Article 1/27/2006

Schakowsky Conducts Oversight Hearing in New Orleans; Hospitals Still Waiting For Funding, Schakowsky Demands Answers

New Orleans Times-Picayune