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Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Ninth District, IL
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Article: 12/23/01
Muslims concerned about government's reaction since Sept. 11
The Associated Press

Article: 12/15/01
Panel blasts planned cuts at Smithsonian to help finance war
Chicago Tribune

Article: 12/14/01
Still Waiting...
Chicago Jewish News

Article: 12/13/01
Schakowsky gives students her take on 9/11 attacks
Skokie Review

Article: 12/13/01
Fed Acts to Curb Predatory Lending Practices; Stricter Rules on Subprime Loans Enacted to Protect Unwary Borrowers
Washington Post

Article: 12/07/01
$3 mil. settlement in crib death
Chicago Sun-Times

Article: 12/05/01
Chicago mourns Israel terror victims at Community Memorial Program
JUF News

Article: 12/05/01
Voting irregularities easily fixed
Chicago Sun-Times

Article: 12/05/01
Chicago shares Israelis' grief
Chicago Tribune

Article: 12/10/01
Freedom Is History (and Vice Versa): Stop the Presses
The Nation

Article: 12/03/01
Washington People
The American Banker


Article: 11/16/01
Congress reopens debate on National ID card

Article: 11/16/01
Gingrich disfavors National ID card
Associated Press

Article: 11/14/01
Defective Children's Products
News 5 Chicago

Article: 11/14/01
Schakowsky pushes bioterrorism bill

Article: 11/08/01
Terrorists deny bodies final rest
By Steven B. Nasatir

Article: 11/07/01
Bush Urged to Rescind Order On Presidential Materials
Washington Post

Article: 11/06/01
Legislators Urge Bush Rethink Order
AP Online

Article: 11/05/01
Suspect in O’Hare weapons incident facing federal charges
AP Online and the Tribune

Article: 11/05/01
Airport Security Workers Accused
AP Online

Article: 11/01/01
House's federal air security vote today Does your U.S.representative want screeners to be federal employees?
Chicago Daily Herald

Article: 11/01/01
PRIDE wraps area in red ribbons
Norridge and Harwood Heights News


Article: 10/31/01
Letters to the Editor
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Article: 10/29/01
The Democrats' Dillema
The Nation

Article: 10/24/01
Tax cut won't help many
Chicago Sun-Times

Article: 10/21/01
Federal Bills Focus on Brokers, Credit Scoring Agencies 
The Commercial Appeal

Article: 10/20/01
Daley to D.C.: Be brave, bold
Chicago Sun-Times

Article: 10/19/01
Progressive L.A. Convenes
LA Weekly

Article: 10/19/01
llinois lawmakers say closing U.S. House was prudent measure
Associated Press

Article: 10/11/01
Pelosi Scores Convincing Win; 
Victory Makes Californian Top-Ranking Female Member
Roll Call

Article: 10/08/01
Legislators brace residents for 'long haul'
Chicago Daily Herald

Article: 10/05/01
U.S. boosting bioterror response ability
United Press International

Article: 10/02/01
City congresswoman proposes new bill
NBC 5 -- Chicago

Article: 10/01/01
War a Challenge For Peace Caucus
Roll Call


Article: 09/30/01
Suburban congressmen seek balance of rights, protections
Chicago Daily Herald

Article: 09/30/01
Jilted shareholders rethink faith in stocks
Chicago Tribune

Article: 09/14/01
In the face of evil, Chicago Jewish community mobilizes

Article: 09/13/01
Schakowsky in capital during Pentagon crash
Skokie Review/Evanston Review

Article: 09/12/01
Hyde calls for 'overwhelming' military response
Chicago Daily Herald

Article: 09/02/01
Appraisers and the Pressure to Inflate Valuations
The New York Times

Article: 09/02/01
Shrinking surplus has Capitol Hill buzzing; 
Demos quick to blame problem on Bush tax cuts
The Times-Picayune (New Orleans)

Article: 09/01/01
Don't raid benefits to cut taxes for rich
Chicago Sun-Times


Article: 08/31/01
Some Democrats calling for repeal of Bush tax cut
National Public Radio (NPR)

Article: 08/26/01
False appraisals may inflate prices
Chicago Tribune

Article: 08/25/01
More aid sought for homeless vets
Chicago Tribune

Article: 08/24/01
LA Weekly

Article: 08/21/01
Unresolved Problem 
What Should the Bush Administration Do About the Economy?
Fox News Network

Article: 08/20/01
Lenders exploit poor's few assets; Elderly, minorities often targets
The Detroit News

Article: 08/18/01
US government skirts Congress' cap on personnel in Colombia 
Agence France Presse

Article: 08/18/01
Firms in drug effort thwart Congress' rules; 
Foreigners fly for U.S. in Colombia
Chicago Tribune

Article: 08/17/01
U.S. Pilots Fight Coca in Colombia
The New York Times

Article: 08/02/01
Battle Zone: Making the Tax Cut Permanent
Fox News Network

Article: 08/01/01
Colombians Protest Fumigation
The Washington Post




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