Congressman Sandy Levin : Medicare Prescription Drugs
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Congressman Sandy Levin
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Medicare Prescription Drugs
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In December 2003, President Bush signed a new law for Medicare beneficiaries to buy prescription drug insurance from private companies.

Rep. Levin opposed the law that created this program because he believes we should simply have Medicare cover prescription drugs like it does doctor visits and hospital stays rather than setting up a separate private insurance program. He and other Congressional Democrats have repeatedly asked President Bush and Republican leaders to join them in addressing the law's fundamental flaws, but so far, they have refused.

In the short term, Rep. Levin has cosponsored legislation to give seniors more time to choose a plan and enroll, and to give people an opportunity to change plans if necessary. House Republican leaders have so far refused to allow a vote, so Rep. Levin has signed a discharge petition to try to force them to allow the House to consider it.