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Congressman Sandy Levin
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Social Security is the single largest source of retirement income in the United States. For 6 in 10 seniors, Social Security provides half or more of their total income. Among elderly widows, Social Security provides nearly three-quarters of their income, on average. But Social Security is more than just a retirement program. Social Security is also family insurance -- it provides benefits for elderly widows, and young parents who have lost a spouse. It provides dependable monthly income to children who have lost a parent to death or disability. It even pays benefits to those who became severely disabled as children, and remain dependent as adults on a parent who receives Social Security.

It is vital to preserve and strengthen Social Security, both for today’s retirees as well as today’s workers.

President Bush's 2007 budget allocates $712 billion to pay for the cost of privatizing Social Security. Although the American public overwhelmingly rejected the idea when the President toured the country promoting it last year, both President Bush and House Republican Leader Boehner recently reiterated their commitment to passing legislation to replace Social Security's guaranteed monthly benefits with private investment accounts.

To find out exactly how President Bush’s plan would affect you, click here.

In 2005, Rep. Levin met with hundreds of people of all ages, both in and out of the 12th district, to talk about Social Security. Over and over, people told him how deeply they value Social Security. Senior citizens said Social Security ensured their independence, and they want it for their children and grandchildren. Families that received help when a breadwinner died or was disabled said it kept the wolf from the door.

Rep. Levin believes that the Social Security privatization proposals advanced by the President and Republican leaders in Congress, would not “strengthen and save” Social Security, as the President suggested, but rather would weaken and replace it. He strongly opposes reducing Social Security benefits that workers have earned.

Social Security: More than just a retirement program.

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