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Access to quality health care is one of the primary challenges facing North Carolina's working families. Our North Carolina values require us to reform managed care and provide a prescription drug benefit under Medicare, so that our middle class families and senior citizens are ensured affordable, quality health care.

Patients' Bill of Rights

Over 160 million Americans receive their health care coverage from some form of Health Maintenance Organizations. Although these HMO's have helped to control some wasteful spending, all too often, controlling costs has been more important than providing patients with quality care. Medical decisions should be made by a doctor, not an insurance company bureaucrat. I support a Patients' Bill of Rights, which would:

  • Assure access to medically-needed care for patients;
  • Prohibiting gag rules that inappropriately interfere with the doctor/patient relationship;
  • Guarantee a timely internal appeals process;
  • Provide patients with understandable information about their health plan; and
  • Hold plans legally accountable for decisions that lead to serious injury or death.

Prescription Medicine Benefit

I strongly support providing our nation's seniors with a real prescription medicine benefit. However, any such plan must be a defined benefit that is administered under Medicare. I also support a prescription medicine plan that:

  • Is voluntary, affordable, and available to all seniors regardless of their income level.
  • Ensures that co-payments and premiums are uniform for all seniors in all areas of the country.
  • Includes a cap on the cost to seniors in order to protect them from any unexpected, catastrophic events.



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