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June 21, 2006
Pryce: Defense Appropriations Act Will Ensure Our Troops Have
Resources, Equipment They Need

June 21, 2006
Pryce Hails Passage of Bill Extending Payment System for Children’s

June 21, 2006
Pryce Announces Transportation Grant for Madison County Airport Authority

June 21, 2006
Pryce Secures Funding for Union County Veterans Memorial 

June 14, 2006
Pryce’s Export-Import Bank Legislation Clears Committee

June 14, 2006
Marysville Family Serves as an Advocate for Columbus Children's Hospital

June 14, 2006
Pryce: CFIUS Reform Strengthens America’s Security, Economy

June 14, 2006
Pryce Honored with Cancer Leadership Award

June 13, 2006
Pryce’s Section 8 Housing Fix Clears the House

June 8, 2006
Pryce Votes to Increase our Refining Capacity

June 1, 2006
Pryce Remarks on Elimination of Long Distance Telephone Tax

May 31, 2006
Pryce, Treasury Under Secretary to Announce $150 million in Ohio
Community Development Awards

May 25, 2006
Energy and Water Appropriations Helps Fund OSU Laser Facility 

May 25, 2006
Energy and Water Appropriations Helps Fund Whittier Peninsula Redevelopment

May 24, 2006
Pryce: Foster Care and Adoptive Children Need Permanent, Loving Homes

24, 2006
Pryce Moves Quickly to Apply Data Security Standards to Federal Agencies

May 24, 2006
Committee Approves Pryce's Housing Fix for Disabled Students

May 24, 2006
Pryce Votes for Farm Program Funding

May 23, 2006
Pryce, Tiberi Secure Funds for Dublins Central Ohio Innovation Center

May 18, 2006
Pryce Nominates Hilliard Davidson's Ryan Herring To Attend West Point

May 18, 2006
Local Student Wins National Poetry Competition, $20,000 Scholarship

May 18, 2006
Pryce: Security, Foreign Investment Enhanced by CFIUS Reform Bill

May 16, 2006
Pryce Statement on President’s Border Security Plan

May 15, 2006
Pryce: Women's Health Week a Time to Urge Mothers, Sisters, and Daughters to Get Important Health Screenings

May 12, 2006
Pryce Welcomes Job Growth to Central Ohio

May 1
2, 2006
Pryce Office to Remain Open until Midnight Monday to Assist Seniors with Last Minute Medicare Questions

May 11, 2006
Pryce Announces Winners of 2006 Congressional High School Art Competition

May 10, 2006
Pryce Votes to Prevent Tax Increase

May 10, 2006
Pryce Welcomes White House Efforts to Combat Identity Theft

May 10, 2006
Pryce Cosponsors CFIUS Reform Effort

May 9, 2006
Pryce Votes to Preserve the Dignity of Military Funerals

May 5, 2006
Pryce Votes to Bolster Port Security

May 4, 2006

Pryce Recognized as a Ray of Hope by the National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship

May4, 2006
Pryce: Lobby Accountability Act Will Increase Transparency While Protecting Frist Amendment Right

May 3, 2006
Pryce Votes to Protect Consumers at the Gas Pump

April 28, 2006
Pryce's Subcommittee Further Examines CFIUS Process

April 6, 2006
Pryce Votes for Equity, Accountability in 527 Organizations

Mach 30, 2006
Pryce Questions Housing Secretary on Changes to Community Development Program

March 29, 2006
Pryce Applauds FEC Ruling Protecting Political Speech on the Internet

March 28, 2006
Pryce Applauds Release of $1 Billion to Help Low Income Families with Heating Bills

March 16, 2006
Pryce: Supplemental Will Fund National Security Priorities, Hurricane Reconstruction

March 16, 2006
Congresswoman Pryce Announces Identity Theft Workshops in Hilliard, Grove City 

March 16, 2006
Pryce Statement on Dubai Port World Vote

March 16, 2006
Pryce Lauds Visit of First Democratically Elected African President

March 15, 2006
Pryce Applauds Stricter Lobbying, Ethis Rules for Congress

March 10, 2006
Pryce Takes Stand Against Childhood Cancer

March 9, 2006
Pryce Hails Victory on Dubai Port World Announcement

March 9, 2006
Pryce Touts Anti-Meth Provisions in Patriot Act

March 9, 2006
Pryce to Host 11th Annual Joint Service Academy Seminar

March 8, 2006
Pryce Votes to Crack Down on Sexual Predators  

March 8, 2006
Congresswoman Deborah Pryce Announces Community Office Hours in Upper Arlington

March 8, 2006
Pryce Votes to Protect the Homeland

March 7, 2006
Congresswoman Pryce Announces Identity Theft Workshops in Hilliard, Grove City

March 7, 2006
Pryce Announces Funding to OSU for Katrina Rebuilding Effort

March 1, 2006
Pryce Votes to Honor the Legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen

March 1, 2006
Pryce: Sandra Day O’Connor Blazed Trail for Women

February 27, 2006
Pryce's Subcommittee to Examine Dubai Ports Transaction

February 21, 2005
Pryce Statement on Dubai Ports World Transaction

February 16, 2
Reps Pryce, Lewis Introduce Civil Rights Act Commemorative Coin

February 15, 2006
Pryce Welcomes Bernanke Testimony

February 9, 2006
President Signs Measure Enacting Fiscal Restraint

February 2, 2006
Pryce Votes to Protect Taxpayer, Improve Government Efficiency

January 24, 2006
Pryce, DeWine, Tiberi Applaud Centeral Ohio Organizations For Youthbuild Grants

January 16, 2005
Congresswoman Pryce: Americans Must Live Up to Dr. King's Legacy

January 13, 2005
Congresswoman Deborah Pryce Announces Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Workshop on the Hilltop

January 10, 2006
Pryce Hails Signing of Trafficking Victims Protection Act

January 5, 2006
Pryce Hails Signing of Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization

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