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August 11, 2006

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Major Owens will be delivering the weekly CBC "Message to America" radio address this Saturday, August 12, 2006. Representative Owens details how the war in Iraq blocks the pursuit of a better America.

The CBC "Message to America" is distributed nationwide to the American Urban Radio Network's (AURN) affiliate stations.

WHO: U.S. Representative Major Owens (D-NY)
WHEN: Saturday, August 12, 2006; 12:06 p.m. EST
WHERE: American Urban Radio Network Affiliate Stations

Representative Owens is expected to deliver the following remarks:

"This is Congressman Major Owens from the 11th Congressional District of Brooklyn, New York and I am delighted to bring you this week’s CBC Message to America.

“Too many political leaders have decided to leave the opposition of the war in Iraq to others while we focus on local and concrete problems. This feeling of being overwhelmed by foreign policy matters is understandable, but the abandonment and neglect of our inner city communities and our working families has escalated due to the continuing cost of Iraq. Since March 2003, more than $400 billion dollars has been spent on the quagmire in Iraq.

“Of greater harm than these lost assets, is the administration’s cutting to enhance the war budget. In the final weeks of the 109th Congress we still have before us a Republican proposal to shutdown many federally funded programs. An overwhelming percentage of projects that have survived for many years because they are productive, because they work, are education programs.

“Close to $3.5 billion dollars has been cut out of the Fiscal Year 2007 budget for educational initiatives like No Child Left Behind. All children will be left behind due to the insensitive cuts to our federally funded education programs. There will be no even start for our children.

“Education has always been the highest priority of the Congressional Black Caucus. Listen to governors. Listen to scientists. Listen to corporate executives and listen to your children, and you will hear an echo of this concern with education. Saving money to finance the war in Iraq should not be allowed to further damage the need to improve our education system.

“In summary, I urge leaders, voters and all Americans to recognize that the war in Iraq is a monster that will devour the best of our initiatives to build a competitive nation where all citizens have the opportunity to survive and to prosper. We must all oppose the continuation of this war in Iraq.

“This is Congressman Major Owens on behalf of the CBC. Thank you.”



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