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Judge Samuel Alito and the Right Wing Bullies

President Bush’s nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, is a very significant turning point, in terms of the balance of power in America. With the court now clearly twisted, the Right Wing bullies are now free to dismantle all of the achievements of the Civil Rights movement, outlaw abortion for women and destroy numerous social justice advancements. The record was very clear that Judge Alito was someone who did not share an inclusive view of America. However, the overwhelming confirmation by the Senate was yet another example of how Democrats continue to get beaten up in the public opinion arena by the school-yard bullies - only because they refuse to fight back in unison. Democrats can not afford to subscribe to a policy of restraint.

In an era where we have witnessed the Supreme Court using its power to hijack a presidential election (2000) Democrats must invest more effort in the process of educating the American people about the impending dangers of a court which takes its commands from Right Wing thugs.



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