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February 15, 2006

Norman Meyer at (202) 225-6231


Washington, DC - Congressman Major R. Owens condemns the United Nations, as a pawn of the Bush Administration, for its failure to provide an adequate level of security and oversight of Haiti's presidential election. 

“The February 7 elections represent yet another example of the United Nations being played as the puppets of the United States in Haiti.  UN oversight of the presidential election was totally inadequate.  The UN failed to provide the necessary polling resources to the poorest areas of Haiti - which is where Rene Preval has the strongest support." Owens added.

The UN Security Council authorized peacekeepers to be sent to Haiti after Jean-Bertrand Aristide was terrorized and ousted as President in 2004.  Canadian troops are part of a multinational force.   Canada sent approximately 100 monitors to help oversee the upcoming elections. The United Nations claims to have delivered ballots to remote voting centers across Haiti.  However, the leading presidential candidate Rene Preval said that "gross errors and probably gigantic fraud" tainted last week's elections.

"The United Nations can not shirk its responsibility to the Haitian people.  The United Nation's lack of resolve in discouraging anarchy and restoring democracy in Haiti is unconscionable," stated Owens.  "I add my voice to the ground swell of those denouncing the alleged election fraud and call on world leaders and the UN to insist that the counting of election ballots be transparent so as to restore trust in a free and democratic process.  Only then will the violence in Haiti cease and desist in order to transition to a freely elected, democratic government."  



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