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Protecting our hometowns and our nation

Federal Homeland Security Resources

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists

Department of Homeland Security organization


FEMA Information for Emergency Personnel

FBI's War on Terrorism

House Select Committee on Homeland Security

Democratic Office of the House Select Committee on Homeland Security

U.S. Department of Education Emergency Planning

CDC's Public Health Preparedness and Response

Cybersecurity Background and Tools

U.S. Computer Emergency Response Team

National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism

State Homeland Security Resources

State of North Carolina's Homeland Security Page

North Carolina Emergency Management

The Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response

North Carolina HAZMAT Response

N.C. Emergency Management Association

Cooperative Extension's Disaster Information

N.C. Department of Agriculture Terrorism and Farmers page

North Carolina Schools' Critical Incident Response Kit Program

North Carolina Psychiatry Asssociation

Local Homeland Security Resources

Cumberland County Emergency Management

Harnett County Emergency Management

Johnston County Emergency Management

Wake County Emergency Management

Nash County Emergency Services

Vance County Emergency Operations

Fayetteville Emergency Management

Homeland Security Reports

GAO Report, "Information Sharing: The Federal Government Needs to Establish Policies and Processes for Sharing Terrorism-Related and Sensitive but Unclassified Information"

Reading, Writing and Readiness: A Survey of School Security in North Carolina's Second Congressional District

DHS' Efforts to Develop the Homeland Secure Data Network," Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General

GAO Report, "Much is Being Done to Protect Agriculture from a Terrorist Attack, but Important Challenges Remain"

Trust for America's Health Report, Ready or Not? Protecting the Public's Health in the Age of Bioterrorism

Red Cross Report, "Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Disaster Preparedness"

9/11 Commission Report and Findings

GAO Report, "Crticial Infrastructure Protection: Improving Information Sharing with Infrastructure Sectors"

Report from the Council for Excellence in Government, "We the People: Homeland Security from the Citizens' Perspective"

GAO Report, "Homeland Security: Communication Protocols and Risk Communication Prinicples Can Assist in Refining the Advisory System"

GAO Report, "Status of Key Recommendations GAO has made to DHS and Its Legacy Agencies"

GAO Report, "Management of First Responder Grants in the National Capital Region Reflects the Need for Coordinated Planning and Performance Goals"

CRS Report, "FBI Intelligence Reform Since September 11, 2001: Issues and Options for Congress"

Report from the Council for Excellence in Government, "From the Home Front to the Front Lines: America Speaks Out About Homeland Security

Analysis by the International Association of Chiefs of Police on the Impact of the Proposed FY 2005 Budget on State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance Programs

The Century Foundation's Report Card on the Department of Homeland Security's First Year

The U.S. Conference of Mayors Second Report, "Tracking Federal Homeland Security Funds Sent to the 50 State Governments"

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Summary Report on the National TOPOFF2 Exercise

The Gilmore Commission's Fifth Annual Report to the President and Congress

GAO's Report, "Aviation Security: Federal Air Marshal Service is Addressing Challenges of Its Expanded Mission and Workforce, but Additional Actions Needed"

Democratic Taskforce of Homeland Security's Report, Federal Homeland Security Assistance to America's Hometowns

GAO's Report, "Homeland Security: Risks Facing Key Border and Transportation Security Program Need to Be Addressed"

U.S. Conference of Mayors Report, "Tracking Federal Homeland Security Funds Sent to the 50 State Governments"

Program on International Policy Attitudes Report, "Americans on Terrorism: Two Years After 9/11"

GAO's Report, "Homeland Security: Efforts to Improve Information Sharing Need to be Strengthened"

Rand Corporation's "Protecting Emergency Responders: Lessons Learned from Terrorist Attacks"

National Association of School Resource Officers' Report "School Safety Threats Persist, Funding Decreasing"

America at Risk: A Homeland Security Report Card

Council on Foreign Relations Report on Emergency Responders: "Drastically Underfunded, Dangerously Unprepared"

CRS Report on the Homeland Security Advisory System

Report Regarding the Congressional Inquiry into the September 11, 2001 Attacks

Homeland Insecurity: Building the Expertise to Defend America from Bioterrorism

Terrorist CBRN: Materials and Effects

GAO report: Terrorist Watch Lists Should Be Consolidated to Promote Better Integration and Sharing



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