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Flag Request

  I am pleased to assist constituents of the 5th District of Florida in requesting American Flags flown over the Capitol Building and dedicated to any person, organization or event of their choice. Flags can also be flown on any specific date, including weekends and holidays. Each Flag is individually boxed and includes a certificate of dedication.

There are some nominal fees associated with flying a flag over the Capitol, and the price varies according to the size and material of the flag you request. This cost will be passed on to you.

Once your request is received my staff will contact you to verify your request and give you necessary payment information.

Prefix First Name MI Last Name Suffix (Jr., Sr.)
City: State: Zip:

Choose a flag you want to order:
3x5 Nylon ($9.00)
3x5 Cotton ($9.25)
4x6 Nylon ($13.50)
5x8 Cotton ($20.00)
5x8 Nylon ($18.00)
Would you like your flag to be flown over the Capitol?     
If it is important for this flag to be flown on a particular day, enter that day here:   

If it is important for you to receive this flag by a certain date, enter that date here:

The following information will be included on the Congressional Certificate:


  • Underlining indicates required fields.
  • Regrettably, I am unable to reply to any email from constituents outside of the
    5th District of Florida.


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