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109th Congress, 2nd Session
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November 14, 2006
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The House Republican Conference Chairman presides over conference meetings, which are composed of all members of the Republican party. The chair is elected by the conference, and is limited to two consecutive full terms. A list of House Republican Conference Chairmen from 1863 to present is presented below.

The House Republican Conference serves as the organizational forum to elect party leaders at the outset of each new Congress. The conference meets on a weekly basis to discuss party policy, pending legislative issues, and other matters of mutual concern.

Congress Name State Years of Service
38th-39thJustin S. Morrill Vermont1863-18671
40thn/a2 .........1867-1869
41stRobert C. Schenck Ohio1869-18713
41stNathaniel P. Banks Massachusetts1869-18713
42ndAustin Blair Michigan1871-1873
43rdHorace Maynard Tennessee1873-1875
44thGeorge W. McCrary Iowa1875-1877
45thEugene Hale Maine1877-1879
46thWilliam P. Frye Maine1879-1881
47thGeorge M. Robeson New Jersey1881-1883
48th-50thJoseph G. Cannon Illinois1883-1889
51st-53rdThomas J. Henderson Illinois1889-1895
54th-55thCharles H. Grosvenor Ohio1895-1899
56th-57thJoseph G. Cannon Illinois1899-1903
58th-60thWilliam P. Hepburn Iowa1903-1909
61st-62ndFrank D. Currier New Hampshire1909-1913
63rd-65thWilliam S. Greene Massachusetts1913-1919
66th-67thHorace M. Towner Iowa1919-1923
68thSydney Anderson Minnesota1923-1925
69th-72ndWillis C. Hawley Oregon1925-1933
73rdRobert Luce Massachusetts1933-1935
74thFrederick R. Lehlbach New Jersey1935-1937
75th-81stRoy O. Woodruff Michigan1937-1951
82nd-84thClifford R. Hope Kansas1951-1957
85th-87thCharles Hoeven Iowa1957-1963
88thGerald R. Ford Michigan1963-1965
89th-90thMelvin Laird Wisconsin1965-1969
91st-95thJohn B. Anderson Illinois1969-1979
96thSamuel L. Devine Ohio1979-1981
97th-99thJack Kemp New York1981-19874
100thDick Cheney Wyoming1987-19894
101st-102ndJerry Lewis California1989-1993
103rdRichard K. Armey Texas1993-1995
104th-105thJohn A. Boehner Ohio1995-1999
106th-107thJ. C. Watts Jr. Oklahoma1999-2003
108th-presentDeborah Pryce Ohio2003-present

1 Representative Morrill is the first officially designated Republican caucus chairman. There exists no clear evidence of formal chairmanships of Republican organizations in earlier Congresses.

2 Caucus minutes show three Members (Representative Banks of Massachusetts, Luck Poland of Vermont, and Samuel Hooper of Massachusetts) chairing three separate meetings.

3 Caucus minutes show Representative Schenck elected" chairman, but Representative Banks chairing two early meetings, possibly in Schenck's absence.

4 On June 4, 1987, Representative Cheney was elected Conference Chair to succeed Representative Kemp who resigned from the post.

Source: Congressional Research Service


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