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Obtain profile, membership, and leadership information from the 1st (1789–1791) Congress through the present Congress.

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Experience panoramic views and discover historical information about the House of Representatives by taking virtual tours of the Old House Chamber and the House Chamber as it is today.

Special Exhibits
Special exhibits on the history of the U.S. Capitol and important events, and other educational features will appear in this section. Check this section frequently to enhance your learning experience.

Congressional Archival Research

Archival Collection Update Form

The Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives is working to make A Guide to Research Collections of Former Members of the United States House of Representatives available electronically on the Internet. The Guide was originally published during the celebration of the Bicentennial of the United States Congress, and the Clerk has continued to collect information as it has been provided by various institutions.

This survey is designed to locate significant collections of manuscripts, oral histories, diaries, unpublished memoirs, and political memorabilia that relate primarily to the congressional career of the subject. The survey does not seek to locate every individual letter written by former Members, but to locate clearly definable collections that will aid researchers studying the U.S. House of Representatives.

As an archivist, you can help us ensure that the electronic edition of this Guide will include the most recent additions and changes to manuscript collections and oral histories of former Members. Descriptions will be included as reported, except for minor editorial changes for clarity and consistency. If your repository responded to the initial survey when the Guide was published, and there have been no changes to your collection, it is not necessary to resubmit the information. In the near future we will post the complete Guide which will allow you to review entries from your institution and report changes accordingly.

The electronic version of the Guide is designed to make the rich history contained in the collections of former Members more accessible to researchers by providing an up-to-date central listing. If you have any questions concerning this questionnaire or the Guide, please call or write:

Office of History and Preservation
Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives
B53 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-6612
Phone: (202) 226-1300
E-mail: Clerkweb Info

Complete the On-Line Archival Collection Update Form

Links of Historical Interest


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Senate Art & Historical Collections
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Congressional Documents & Debates
Records of the U.S. Congress 1774–1873.

Architect of the Capitol
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